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Daylight shows no bias.


Shinehouse Theatre, founded in 2006, now operating Wan Theater in Tangbu Cultural Park, Wanhua, Taipei. Its creations include: pieces on social issues such as “The Swallow”, “She Gets John’s Kiss and Becomes Hu-Lid’s Woman—The Room of A Prostitute”, “Armageddon Trilogy” and “Purgatory”; literature adaptations from Man-Juan Zhang, Huang Chun-Ming, Mishima Yukio, Miyabe Miyuki and many other famous writers; and ghost stories series in “A Midsummer Night's Chat”.

Shinehouse Theatre also developed “The Otter’s Plan“ with the locals in Wanhua, as well as offering theatre courses to physically and mentally disables in Nanhai Center, aiming for inclusive theatre. They have participated in Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival, Bangkok International Theater Festival, Festival/Tokyo, Taipei Arts Festival, Asian Performing Arts Festival, East Asia People Theatre Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe performances.

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