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『疏離 Alienation』

疏離 Alienation」,此議題以新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19)爆發後, 延伸人們在地理上、病毒上、文化上,甚至是心理上的「距離」改變所產生的詞彙。本次徵件希冀進駐者,以時下議題「疏離 Alienation」為創作主軸,由糖廍曉劇場藝術村提供專業空間,讓創作者得以實踐創作發展與後續交流的可能。



  1. ​年滿 20 歲之國內外表演藝術創作者。

  2. 三年以上藝文相關創作經歷。


2021.07.01(四)- 2021.12.31(五)

進駐至少 30 天,至多90天


  1. 免費工作室及住宿生活空間。

  2. 藝術交流空間及機會。

  3. 進駐之意外保險。

  4. 駐村期間創作材料費補助,每月最高新台幣 15,000 元。

  5. 糖廍曉劇場藝術村將依駐村藝術家需求提供場地、宣傳、技術等相關協助。


2021.04.22(四)- 2021.05.31(一)


2021.06 中旬



Alienation: since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), our distance has been increased geographically, physically, culturally, and even psychologically. With the concept of "alienation" as the main core of creation, the Shinehouse Theatre Art Village wishes to provide a professional space, providing artists the opportunity to exchange ideas and cultivate creativity.

The Shinehouse Theatre Art Village has long promoted the local arts and culture in Monga, Taipei. We have continuously developed local resources and space as well as actively promoted international connections and local exchanges. This year, we have planned “Artist-In-Residence Program” to provide a professional and residential space for domestic and international artists. At the same time, the Shinehouse Theatre Art Village will help the artists focus on local research, creation, and cultural exchanges in order to foster the development of the performing arts.

Eligibility for Application

  1. The applicants must be performing artists in Taiwan or abroad who are at least 20 years old.

  2. The applicants must have more than 3 years of artistic or cultural related experience.

Residency Period

  1. The residency period begins from July 1 to December 31, 2021. 

  2. The artist shall stay for at least 30 days and at most 90 days. 

Facilities Provided

  1. Studio and accommodation.

  2. Art exchange space and opportunities.

  3. Accident insurance during the residency period.

  4. Subsidy for Artwork materials during the residency period (up to NT$15,000 per month).

  5. The Organizer will provide venues, publicity, technical support and other related assistance according to the needs of the artist.

Application Period

From April 22, 2021, Taiwan time (GMT+8) until May 31, 2021, Taiwan time (GMT+8).

Selection Result

Middle of June, 2021 (to be decided by the Organizer)

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