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Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village

Shinehouse Theatre has stayed in Wanhua for more than ten years. We saturate the inner energy of the works through in-depth field research. Since the Want to Dance Festival was held in 2019, dozens of creators have been invited to present their unique dance works in various parts of the Wanhua area, bringing abundant artistic and cultural energy to the region. Through the Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village, we hope to provide a more open space for artists to engage in a more diverse dialogue with residents, creating endless possibilities.


The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village was officially established in 2020. Through the provision of accommodation and creative space, we attract artists from different fields and different country. During the residency period, we will arrange opportunities for artists to meet with local people, so that they can have access to more diverse perspectives and viewpoints.

The Want to Dance Festival

Want to Dance Festival


The Want to Dance Festival is hosted by Shinehouse Theatre since 2018. It is a dance platform for spontaneous exchanges and interactions. Wan Theater artistic director, Po-Yuan Chung, and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) drama consultant, Yi- Wei Keng as the curator, provide independent choreographers with a stage for creation and performance and cordially invite curators, as well as local venue art festival organizers to participate in this grand event. Several atypical theater spaces in Wanhua will be used as stages for the festival. The first area to be developed in Taipei City was Monga, where a dance marathon full of vigor and experimentation and adventure will be launched.

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