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  • 黃至嘉 | Shinehouse Artsvillage 曉劇場藝術村

    黃至嘉 Education 2013-2015 University of the Arts London - Central Saint Martins, MFA - Performance Design and Implementation _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ (Master of Arts- Performance design and practice) 2012-2013 National Taipei University of the Arts Dance Institute Performance Creation Group - majoring in Dance Performance (傄) 2005-2010 Department of Drama, National Taipei University of the Arts ─ majoring in directing ​ experience 2021 Xiao Theater Mengjia International Dance Festival "Leap" Leap - Staged Presentation of Dance Video Short Film "No Name" - Creation/Performance 2020 Xu Fangyi Biographical Film "My Heart and My Way" - Dancer 2018 Taipei Art Village, Resident Danish Artists Simone Wierød & Tim Panduro - Experimental Dance Video Installation and Live Performance "Interweaving" - Dancers 2017 Rhapsody Theater "After Dark" - Co-creation (Script Collaboration / Action Director / Actor) 2015 Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London - Graduation Performance - "Karma-1 Industry" - Choreography / Dancer / Lighting / Projection / Sound Design Program content "No Name" (hereinafter referred to as this project), based on the historical and cultural background of the entire Huajiang house, penetrates into its architectural space, re-understands and discovers with "body" and "lens", and creates a new space for this space. story. Different from using new technologies to reconstruct and beautify the appearance of the old Taipei community, this work focuses more on presenting the real appearance of the entire Huajiang residence in the current social environment after about half a century of generational change and demographic transformation. Whether it is a building space that has undergone multiple renovations and repairs with changing residential needs, or the different age and cultural background structures of the resident population, they will all be brought together to develop "performing bodies" and "creating characters". The unique angle is used in the image to present its original, real, and generally difficult to find beauty. "Anonymous" originated from the live performance work "The Passing" in 2020. In response to the changes in the social environment in the past two years, the live performance has faced relatively more restrictions, and turned to "video short film" as the starting point of the creative form. It is expected to complete a video clip of about 20-25 minutes first, and then rethink and experiment with different presentation forms along with the creative development process. Back Latest latest news Artists About Us More About Us Shinehouse Theatre Want To Dance Festival ​The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Contact Us Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801 Tel: +886-2-2308-3398 E-mail:

  • 我妻惠美子 | Shinehouse 曉劇場

    Latest latest news Artists About Us experience She attends Waseda University. After graduating from university in 1999, she joined Japan's largest dance group: Big Camel Ship. She participated in all the productions of the Intermediate Dance Company from 1999 to 2019, all directed by the team's artistic director, Mo Chier. ​ She released her work "Niku-no-uta" in 2014 and was invited to perform in Paris, France the following year. In addition, she was awarded the Best Young Artist of the Japan Dance Critics Association. She has held workshops at Waseda University, Taipei University of the Arts, Tainan University of the Arts and other schools, and has also provided professional courses for performers in Taiwan and Japan. ​ In 2020, he was selected as the artist-in-residence of the Taipei International Art Village. The work "Temple of the Future" created during the period was invited to participate in the production of the American Art Festival: Battery Dance Festival in the same year. ​ At the same time, she is also the choreographer and performer of Xiao Theater's annual production: "The Voice of the Tide". Back my wife Emiko My wife Emiko is a dance dancer, choreographer and artistic director. She is also the Artistic Director of Agaxart, performing dancers and artists in Japan. Based on her personal buta aesthetics, she began to produce original buta works. She has international recognition. More About Us Shinehouse Theatre Want To Dance Festival ​The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Contact Us Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801 Tel: +886-2-2308-3398 E-mail:

  • 歷年藝術家 | Shinehouse Artsvillage 曉劇場藝術村

    ​ Artists over the years Emiko Agatsuma Presentations and workshops 2021 _cc781905-5cde-3194-cf5d8_bb3b-136 James Batchelor 澳洲 Australia Parini Secondo Sissj Bassani Martina Piazzi ​ 義大利 Italy Anne-Mareike Hess 盧森堡 Luxembourg 2023 呂尚霖 臺灣 TAIWAN Sofia Albanese 德國 GERMANY Sabine Zahn 德國 GERMANY ​王怡湘 臺灣 TAIWAN 吳建緯 臺灣 TAIWAN 2020 _cc781905-5cde-3194-cf5d_bb3b-136 2021 Ian Gualdani ​義大利 Italy 嚴婕瑄 臺灣 TAIWAN 林憶圻 臺灣 TAIWAN 黃子溢 臺灣 TAIWAN 許程崴 臺灣 TAIWAN ​黃至嘉 臺灣 TAIWAN 2020 我妻惠美子 ​日本 JAPAN Latest latest news Home 首頁 Artists About Us More About Us Shinehouse Theatre Want To Dance Festival ​The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Contact Us Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801 Tel: +886-2-2308-3398 E-mail:

  • Shinehouse Theatre 曉劇場|Official 官網|Taiwan 臺灣

    Shinehouse Theatre ​萬座曉劇場 Shinehouse Theatre Wan Theater The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Shinehouse Artist-In-Residence Program Want To Dance Festival Want To Dance Festival

  • 最新消息 | Shinehouse Artsvillage 曉劇場藝術村

    Latest latest news Home 首頁 Artists About Us Open Call officially started From now until 4/30 Hand Knife Registration ​ Please send to: within the deadline 2022 Xiao Theater Art Village 2024 Shinehouse Artist-In-Residence Program More About Us Shinehouse Theatre Want To Dance Festival ​The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Contact Us Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801 Tel: +886-2-2308-3398 E-mail:

  • Ian Gualdani | Shinehouse Artsvillage 曉劇場藝術村

    Back Latest latest news Artists About Us Ian Gualdani 1996年生,來自義大利。自2013年起開始學習戲劇,曾在米蘭接受過兩年的賈克·樂克訓練,並持續參與各式大師工作坊學習不同體系的身體訓練系統。 自2018年開始與Theatro del Carretto合作主演多部作品,包括:2018年的”Ultimo Chisciotte”(最後的唐吉柯德)、 “Snow White”(白雪公主)2020年的 “Caligola Underdog/Upset”(卡里古拉)。 More About Us Shinehouse Theatre Want To Dance Festival ​The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Contact Us Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801 Tel: +886-2-2308-3398 E-mail:

  • ​嚴婕瑄 | Shinehouse Artsvillage 曉劇場藝術村

    Back Latest latest news Artists About Us ​嚴婕瑄 嘉義人,生於1994,自由藝術工作者,跳舞也編舞,嘗試讓表演產生對話,擴張肢體語言的力量,試圖量衡舞蹈與生活的關係,藉由創作的思辨理解生命的樣貌,研究範疇包涵台灣本土文化,性別議題,近年創作關注父權社會議題及女性自覺。 More About Us Shinehouse Theatre Want To Dance Festival ​The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Contact Us Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801 Tel: +886-2-2308-3398 E-mail:

  • Purgatory 焦土|Shinehouse 曉劇場

    "Scorched Earth" 2016|Tokyo Art Theater, B Warehouse of Taipei Tangshu Cultural Park Purgatory "Scorched Earth" is a Taiwan-Japan transnational creative project. In 2015, Xiao Theater was invited to participate in the Asian Performing Arts Festival. Director Zhong Boyuan came up with the idea of "a hail of bullets", with the atomic bombing in Japan during World War II as the background, with "scorched earth" as the theme, and the In 2016, he was invited by the Asian Performing Arts Festival again to develop last year's concept creation into a complete work. Set in the background after the atomic bombing in Japan, it describes an unknown village full of scorched earth, and the thirsty villagers keep praying to the sky for rain, expecting the rain to fall. In the process of waiting for the rain for a long time, through the pulling and suppression of the relationship between the characters, the dark side of human nature that is hidden in the depths is slowly revealed. "Scorched Earth" is not only based on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 71 years ago, but also a reflection on one's own situation from growing up in Taiwan in a peaceful era. 「Purgatory」is the transnational creative project between Taiwan and Japan, supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau, and premiered in 2016 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Festival 2016. The story is based on the atomic bombing of World War II in Japan, extending to the international contemporary community's unease about terrorism and war. Director Po Yuan Chung , adapts the concept of karma from Buddhist Zen, and combines it with the Japanese folk story "Monkey Crab Combat" to discuss the relationship between perpetrator and victim .Looking at the relationship of contemporary international political and social issues via the history of war. Yu Shanlu drama critic If there are other troupes dealing with such a theme, it is usually the translation or adaptation of foreign scripts. Xiao Theater is led by Zhong Boyuan, the core director of the troupe, who insists on caring all the way... Created with the theme of "scorched earth", thinking from it The far-reaching impact of war on people, from the damage, deformation and alienation of the outer body to the inner heart, brings a little extravagant desire for peace. Under its artistic transformation approach, it usually attaches an allegorical narrative to make the content more universal; it also includes reflections on contemporary social issues in Taiwan, and proposes an interpretation and interpretation of local reading. Rumination.

  • Artist-In-Residence Program 糖廍曉劇場藝術村|Shinehouse 曉劇場

    ★ Call for papers ★ Application Form "Alienation" " Alienation ", this issue extends the vocabulary of people's geographical, viral, cultural, and even psychological "distance" after the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). This call for entrants will focus on the current issue of "Alienation" as the main creative axis, and the Tangshuxiao Theater Art Village will provide a professional space, allowing creators to practice the possibility of creative development and follow-up exchanges. The Tangxiaoxiao Theater Art Village has been promoting local arts and culture of Taipei Mengka for a long time, continuously developing local resources and space, and actively promoting international connections and local exchanges. In order to support the development of artists' resident creations, the "Tangxiaxiao Theater Art Residency Project" is planned this year, providing rehearsal space and accommodation space for resident artists at home and abroad as a creative base, and assisting artists to invest in local research, creation and cultural exchanges, and support The development of performing arts creation. ​ Eligibility ​Creators of performing arts at home and abroad over the age of 20. More than three years of related creative experience in art and literature. ​Settlement time 2021.07.01 (Thursday) - 2021.12.31 (Friday) Stationed for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 90 days ​provide equipment Free studio and residential living space. Art exchange space and opportunities. Accident insurance for entering. Subsidy for creative material costs during the period of residency in the village, up to NT$15,000 per month. Tangxiaxiao Theater Art Village will provide venue, publicity, technology and other related assistance according to the needs of the resident artists. ​Deadline 2021.04.22 (Thursday) - 2021.05.31 (Monday) ​Result announcement Mid 2021.06 The actual announcement is based on the contact time of the organizer ★ Application Guidelines ★ Application Form Alienation Alienation : since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), our distance has been increased geographically, physically, culturally, and even psychologically. With the concept of "alienation" as the main core of creation, the Shinehouse Theatre Art Village wishes to provide a professional space, providing artists the opportunity to exchange ideas and cultivate creativity. ​ The Shinehouse Theatre Art Village has long promoted the local arts and culture in Monga, Taipei. We have continuously developed local resources and space as well as actively promoted international connections and local exchanges. This year, we have planned “Artist-In-Residence Program” ” to provide a professional and residential space for domestic and international artists. At the same time, the Shinehouse Theatre Art Village will help the artists focus on local research, creation, and cultural exchanges in order to foster the development of the performing arts. Eligibility for Application The applicants must be performing artists in Taiwan or abroad who are at least 20 years old. The applicants must have more than 3 years of artistic or related cultural experience. Residency Period The residency period begins from July 1 to December 31, 2021. The artist shall stay for at least 30 days and at most 90 days. Facilities Provided Studio and accommodation. Art exchange space and opportunities. Accident insurance during the residency period. Subsidy for Artwork materials during the residency period (up to NT$15,000 per month). The Organizer will provide venues, publicity, technical support and other related assistance according to the needs of the artist. Application Period From April 22, 2021, Taiwan time (GMT+8) until May 31, 2021, Taiwan time (GMT+8). Selection Result Middle of June, 2021 (to be decided by the Organizer)

  • 關於我們 | Shinehouse Artsvillage 曉劇場藝術村

    Latest latest news Home 首頁 Artists About Us Introduction to Art Village Xiao Theater has been stationed in Wanhua for a long time to create, and through in-depth field research, the inner energy of the works is full. Since the Mengka International Dance Festival was held in 2019, dozens of creators have been attracted to perform their unique dance works all over the Wanhua region, bringing abundant artistic and cultural energy to the local area. The team hopes to provide a more open and free space through the establishment of an art village, so that artists can have more diverse dialogues with residents and create infinite possibilities. Xiao Theater Art Village was officially established in 2020, attracting artists from different fields at home and abroad by providing accommodation and creative space. During the residency in the village, the artist will be arranged to have the opportunity to contact with the local residents and other art and literature workers. Artistic Director The artistic director is the founder of Xiao Theater, and currently serves as the director-in-residence of Xiao Theater, Zhong Boyuan. Graduated from the Department of Drama, Taipei University of the Arts, majoring in directing. Xiao Theater was established in 2006, and has created nearly 30 original works so far. The themes of creation revolve around literary theater and social issues. And published "dirty heaven", "underground woman" and other script collections. Since 2019, he has served as the curator of the Mengka International Dance Festival, introducing many experimental dance works to local performances, bringing rich artistic and cultural energy to the local community. At the same time, he was elected as the director of Taiwan Arts and Culture Space Connection in 2021, connecting the domestic arts and culture space management team through the organization. team introduction Established in 2006, Xiao Theater has been selected as the award-winning team of the Ministry of Culture and the Outstanding Performing Arts Team of the Taipei City Cultural Bureau for many times. The themes of the works revolve around local issues and literary theater, and have extensive experience in international tours. The works have been performed abroad many times, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Japan, the United Kingdom, etc. In 2020, we will officially take over the warehouse of B warehouse in Taipei Tangshu Cultural Park. Based on the past experience in local cultivation and international exchanges, Xiao Theater operates the "Xiao Theater Art Village" with an art residency plan to connect with international organizations and teams. It is hoped that the Art Village can become an art incubation base in Wanhua area that is in line with international standards. More About Us Shinehouse Theatre Want To Dance Festival ​The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Contact Us Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801 Tel: +886-2-2308-3398 E-mail:

  • Armageddon 穢土天堂|Shinehouse 曉劇場

    Dirty Paradise Armageddon 2011|fruit wine warehouse in Huashan Cultural and Creative Park ☆Nominated for Taipei Digital Technology Art Award This trilogy is based on the idea of the German Hitler regime and Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War; the play describes the underground society that heard that the underground contains a lot of natural resources and began to develop the underground, and discovered the underground that had sneaked into the ground after being defeated a long time ago. The human race carried out massacres in order to successfully obtain underground resources; and through three demonstrations of using underground women to teach social etiquette, culture and language as propaganda, to eliminate and cover up the massacre of the underground society by the government and to create an illusion of harmony. The prototypes of the three underground women in "Paradise of Dirty Earth" come from the three sisters of Chekov, who are entangled with yearning and memories of their hometown. The whole play is centered on changes such as slow massacres. The underground women face the cultural edification and display of the above-ground society, which weakens the uniqueness of the underground women's original society and the public's attention, and eventually leads the society to lose interest and die. The three underground women were sent back underground again. As the last survivors of the underground society, facing the already dilapidated underground world, they could only hum a song and disappear into the ruins. The production series of "Armageddon" is the strong, representative work of Shinehouse Theatre director, Po-Yuan Chung, which depicts the cultural aggression against a disadvantaged underground world by a strongly ethnic aboveground world. Through a modern and progressive world aboveground, contrasting with a primitive and underdeveloped world underground, being forced from their homes, and the issue of cultural invasion, extending to the discussion of good and evil in war. “Armageddon”, the first piece of the trilogy, three bareheaded Underground Woman open the show. The piece describes how the normal people discovered the underground world; how they invaded, massacred, plundered the ground; and how they used these three women to erase opposing public opinion through media. There was, however, limited resource only in the underground, and the invasion was highly criticized by the society, which eventually made the three women be sent back to the already destroyed underground. Yu Shanlu drama critic Choreographer Zhong Boyuan de-time-spaces the entire story and characters, but he seems to be able to feel the shadows of the Nazis, massacres and concentration camps, and even the more general relationship between oppression and oppression, civilization and destruction. Or today, there is no shortage of examples. underground woman 曉劇場_穢土天堂三部曲《阿道夫》(3mins) Play Video All Videos

  • ​黃子溢 | Shinehouse Artsvillage 曉劇場藝術村

    ​計畫內容 「在妓女的引領下,整條街道的所有秘密都在你面前展現開來。」―《柏林記事》班雅明 城市是藝術與文學創作最喜歡描寫的對象之一,敘述城市中的各種生活百態,像是城市的貧富懸殊,日常生活大小事,都成了藝術家們描寫的對象。而在疫情之後,城市的公共空間更是引人關注的話題,就算在全球病毒肆虐的環境底下,我們還是離不開城市而生活,習慣了城市的空氣、城市的緊張,喜歡在城市內漫步,甚至所有的創作靈感也都源自於此。 因此促使了創作者想著手了解為何城市會是如此的迷人的動機,長久以來藝術家們與城市的關係是多麼密不可分,藝術家們離不開城市而生活,所有與創作有關的東西全部都聚集於此。 ​ 「街道是漫遊者的居所。他靠在房屋外的牆壁上,就像一般的市民在家中的四壁裡一樣安然自得。」―班雅 明 本次作品概念由都市底層的在地職業/角色的生活移動視角與環境空間結合、將地方居民故事再詮釋為出發點,以移動漫遊的形式思考,與空間工作、流動的過程當中,藉由身體及物件交織出地方的故事。試圖用創作反映都市裡時常被刻意遺忘的「日常」,進一步探索城市的過去與現在的環境轉變,將創作的作品能成為向未來提出的反思,希望在演出後能為參與者帶來不一樣的城市想像。 ​ 「一同漫遊在城市中」 閱讀一個都市,可以有很多不一樣的角度和體驗;這次的創作嘗試透過肢體、物件、舞者、導演的視野來呈現,參與者(觀者)可以從中再做多重解釋,觀賞作品同時,可以讓城市透過肢體劇場的方式而重生,參與者(觀者)也可以藉由想像獲得屬於自己詮釋的都市經驗,共同完成這個作品。 Back Latest latest news Artists About Us ​黃子溢 出生臺中,留著彰化血液,在地演出深耕九年的表演藝術工作者,擁有豐富在地創作的經驗,現致力於在現地六年編創計畫。時常結合當地特色與議題,利用現地創作、移動式劇場的形式,創作出公共空間的表演作品。2015年代表台灣前往慕尼黑、盧森堡與約翰尼斯堡大劇院演出。亦有個人作品國外藝術節演出的經驗,如:韓國首爾櫻花節、馬來西亞北海藝穗節、韓國仁川馬戲交流演出計畫...等,在2021年入選文化部扶植青年藝術發展計畫。創作載體為:新馬戲(雜耍、特技)、當代舞蹈、默劇。 More About Us Shinehouse Theatre Want To Dance Festival ​The Shinehouse Theatre Arts Village Contact Us Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801 Tel: +886-2-2308-3398 E-mail:

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