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sunlight, no difference


Xiao Theater was established in 2006, and now operates "Tangshu Xiao Theater" in Wanhua Tangshu Cultural Park.

Creations include "Swallow", "She Got John's Kiss and Became Hu Lide's Woman - A Prostitute's Room", "The Dirty Earth Trilogy", "Scorched Earth" and other "social issues"-oriented works: adaptations of Zhang Manjuan, Huang Literary adaptation series by Chun Ming, Mishima Yukio, Miyabe Miyuki and other literary masters; and ghost story series of "Slightly Cool Night in Summer"


At the same time, based on Wanhua's locality, a community drama class was set up and a series of works "Otter Project" were published, and a drama course for the physically and mentally handicapped was conducted with the Nanhai Development Center with the goal of inclusive theater.


She has participated in the Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival, the Bangkok International Theatre Arts Festival, the Tokyo Arts Festival in Japan, the Taipei Arts Festival, the Asian Performing Arts Festival, the Tokyo Arts Festival and the East Asian People's Theatre Arts Festival in South Korea.

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