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Artist Director CHUNG, Po-Yuan

Chung Po-Yuan graduated from the Department of Drama of National Taipei University of the Arts, majoring in directing. He established Shinehouse Theatre in 2006. His works focus on human nature and contemporary social issues, accumulating a repertoire of more than 30 productions to date and has published script collections of "Armageddon" and "Underground Women." He has been invited to Thailand Bangkok Theater Festival, Shanghai International Contemporary Theater Festival, Taipei Art Festival, Tokyo Art Festival. At the same time planning and producing the 10th anniversary of the 2020 New Choreographer project (Meimage Dance), and the principal of 2020 Taiwan Creative Dance Competition. He is currently the curator of Want to Dance Festival, and the director of WanTheater.


Chief Operating Officer Zeke LEE

Founding members of Shinehouse Theatre. With the passion in performing arts, Lee has devoted into theatre for over a decade, with experience in Performing Arts Alliance as Secretary General, NGO, Department of Cultural Affairs, The National Taichung Theater, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, event company, performing arts group and many others, accumulated rich experiences in administration and production. He has also recently devoted into theatre education, public relationship, promotion, fund raising and many other aspects in arts industry.


Chief Executive Officer Nina YEH

Member of Shinehouse Theatre. Bachelor of Journalism, National Chengchi University. Yeh has been the administration officer for Shinehouse Theatre since 2009, involving its recent productions as well as arts promotion in the community. Her recent participations include Shinehouse Theatre’s “Yugoku”” , “LA Marie Vision”, ”The Whisper of the Waves, Miyabe Miyuki’s “In Between” and the producer of Want to Dance Festival.

排練執行 曾珮.jpg

Chief Performer TZENG Pei

As a chief performer, current rehearsal instructor and education promotion lecturer, Tzeng has participated more than

30 productions with the Shinehouse Theatre. During 2015-16, she participated the Asian Performing Arts Forum, performed in "Purgatory", a Taiwan-Japan co-production project, as a representative of Taiwanese actors. Her recent performances with Shinehouse Theatre include "Armageddon Trilogy", "A Midsummer Night's Chat Series", "Fish" in the Taiwan Season of Edinburgh Fringe, and annual works "Yugoku”, "The Whisper of the Waves", "In Between" and others.

Marketing Executive CHEN, Chia-Yi

Member, marketing executive and actress of Shinehouse Theatre. She graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, majored in drama, and devoted into theatre performance afterward. Her past performances include: “The Woman and The Butcher” (M.O.I Production), San-Chin development project for actors (Yang’s Ensemble), “The 366th Night” (Biu Theatre), and “Yerma” (TIFA, Theodoros Terzopoulos). She joined Shinehouse Theatre in 2017, and performed in “Adolf”, “Madame de Sade”,” The Whisper of the Waves”, Miyabe Miyuki’s “In Between”, and many others.

行銷宣傳 陳家誼.jpg
導演助理 李廷羿.jpg

International Affairs Specialist Ethan LI

Member, international affairs contact person and actor of Shinehouse Theatre. His recent performances with Shinehouse

Theatre includes annual work "Yugoku", ” La Marie Vision", "The Whisper of the Waves”, and “Fish" in the Taiwan Season of

Edinburgh Fringe as the main performer. Since 2018, he joined the butoh training in Shinehouse Theatre and took part in the

co-production from Shinehouse Theatre and Agaxart "A Perfect Day" which presented in 2022 Want to Dance Festival.

CHENG, Yung-Yuan

As a contracted playwright (Saxian co.), Cheng joined Shinehouse Theatre in 2006 and has maintained his career as a stage performer for about three years. In 2010, he began to devote his work in writing of film and television productions. In 2014, he worked as a screenwriter in KimKong Puppet Show. During that time, he also contributed in many popular puppet show lyrics. He has more than ten years of professional writing experience. In 2017, he returned to Shinehouse Theatre to re- hone his creative energy and successively participate in the annual productions of "Armageddon Trilogy 3: Adolf ”, “Yuguko”, “La Marie Vision”, and Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s Taiwan Season: “Fish” as sign language performer.

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