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培育創作的基地 ❞

Wan Theater, located in Tangbu Cultural Park, is the first hundred-year-old building in Taiwan to be converted into a professional performing arts venue by the performing arts team, Shinehouse Theatre. Raising the money to repair the house through the restoration and reuse program of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act. The stage will be equipped with basic lighting, sound systems to meet the needs of various performance events. Wan Theater is officially opened on May 26, 2022, creating a new model in Taiwan as a theater company running the theater house.


➼ 為自由謳歌 計畫

演出日期為2024年6月1日至6月30日演出之檔期申請,作品內容論及 #人權#LGBTQIA+、#女性議題#平權議題 等皆可投件!


➼ 再一次萬座 計畫



  •  Application method

(1) Open Call : 2023.01.01 (Sunday) ~ 2023.12.31 (Sunday)

(2) How to apply:

1. Download【Application materials for rental of Wan Theater】

2. Format instructions: Please organize all application documents into a single PDF file named "Applicant Unit/Individual_Program Name"

3. Delivery method: Send by email to.

4. If the submitted materials are incomplete, the applicant will be notified to make up the documents within five days, and will not be submitted for review until the materials are completed.

How to get to Wan Theatre


108 No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan


  • MRT: Take Exit 1 of Longshan Temple MRT Station, turn left and walk along Xiyuan Road to Dali Street, then turn right and walk for about 5 minutes. Zuoxiao Theater.

  • By car: There is a parking lot under the Tangshan Cultural Park, and the entrance is at No. 2, Lane 160, Dali Street

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