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Opening Venue Support Program

5/6-5/8    Quarantine Island Troupe "Half Life"

5/13-5/15  A troupe's original Akara musical "Moonie"

5/19-5/22 Even if we have no love, "They Said It's Love 2.5" Performance Project

Opening performance series

5/27-5/29 "Electronic City"

6/10-6/12 "Between" Miyuki Miyabe's Strange Talk

相片 2022-5-9 下午2 36 11.jpg

In 2022, the audience knocks bowls and praises the reenactment

Wanzuoxiao Theater Opening Series Performances

Choreographer Zhong Boyuan Japanese Literature Theater Series Classics


Japanese writer Miyabe Miyuki

The work is authorized to perform in Taiwan for the first time,

Adapted two stories, "The Monk's Pot" and "The Weeping Boy".

相片 2022-5-9 下午2 36 02.jpg
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