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Shinehouse Theatre was founded in 2006, Taipei, whose creations range from literature adaptation to social awareness all the way to the city; from reinterpreting classic literature through theatre, to concerning our community as a co-living group, to documenting the change of cities. Recently, they based themselves in Wanhua. They aim to reflect contemporary society through each of its productions, as well as documenting our present environment.
Based in Wanhua for many years, Shinehouse Theatre focuses on social issues, using local ingredients as one of their main motivations for their creations. In their “Ferry Mengjia” series, they have street interview with local homeless and sex workers, documenting their life stories, seeking for the truth beyond standard stereotype impressions. In their Armageddon Trilogy, they discuss about the aggression of dominant cultures, civil rights, personal relationship with the society, and various aspects of humanity, which ends up in a series of published plays.
In 2019, Shinehouse Theatre hosts the “Want-to-Dance” festival. Through unconventional theatre spaces in Wanhua, the three-day festival leads to an exchange in dance, with a total of 30 domestic and international groups contribute to more than 60 shows , simultaneously presented in 6 different locations.
Shinehouse Theatre also seeks expanding abroad recently, including art festivals in Shanghai, Bangkok, Japan, and many other places. In 2019, they are attending the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Shinehouse Theatre strikes for pieces that are cross-language and cross-cultural, bring audiences with different backgrounds toward the same movement as our common life trajectories under the power of theater.

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