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Dirty Paradise


 2011|fruit wine warehouse in Huashan Cultural and Creative Park

☆Nominated for Taipei Digital Technology Art Award

This trilogy is based on the idea of the German Hitler regime and Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War; the play describes the underground society that heard that the underground contains a lot of natural resources and began to develop the underground, and discovered the underground that had sneaked into the ground after being defeated a long time ago. The human race carried out massacres in order to successfully obtain underground resources; and through three demonstrations of using underground women to teach social etiquette, culture and language as propaganda, to eliminate and cover up the massacre of the underground society by the government and to create an illusion of harmony.
The prototypes of the three underground women in "Paradise of Dirty Earth" come from the three sisters of Chekov, who are entangled with yearning and memories of their hometown. The whole play is centered on changes such as slow massacres. The underground women face the cultural edification and display of the above-ground society, which weakens the uniqueness of the underground women's original society and the public's attention, and eventually leads the society to lose interest and die. The three underground women were sent back underground again. As the last survivors of the underground society, facing the already dilapidated underground world, they could only hum a song and disappear into the ruins.

The production series of "Armageddon" is the strong, representative work of Shinehouse Theatre director, Po-Yuan Chung, which depicts the cultural aggression against a disadvantaged underground world by a strongly ethnic aboveground world. Through a modern and progressive world aboveground, contrasting with a primitive and underdeveloped world underground, being forced from their homes, and the issue of cultural invasion, extending to the discussion of good and evil in war. 
“Armageddon”, the first piece of the trilogy, three bareheaded Underground Woman open the show. The piece describes how the normal people discovered the underground world; how they invaded, massacred, plundered the ground; and how they used these three women to erase opposing public opinion through media.
There was, however, limited resource only in the underground, and the invasion was highly criticized by the society, which eventually made the three women be sent back to the already destroyed underground. 

Yu Shanlu

drama critic

Choreographer Zhong Boyuan de-time-spaces the entire story and characters, but he seems to be able to feel the shadows of the Nazis, massacres and concentration camps, and even the more general relationship between oppression and oppression, civilization and destruction. Or today, there is no shortage of examples.

underground woman



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