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2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe

2nd-25th August Summerhall

"Fish" is adapted from the short story "Fish" in Huang Chunming's novel "Sayo Nara, Goodbye", reflecting the courage of little people to face setbacks and difficulties in their lives. A squashed fish shows how Ah Cang from a poor family got and lost the fish, depicting the hardships and plainness of life in the countryside. From the performance in the literary theater, we can peek into the local stories belonging to Taiwan.

Sign language meets puppetry in this engaging, BSL-signed production based on a novel by Taiwanese author Huang Chunming. The conflict between a grandfather and grandson unfolds in a touching, richly sensory experience aimed at, but not limited to, hearing-impaired audiences.  

" Even if I can't hear it, it still makes me immersed in the atmosphere of the story, and I can't get back to my senses for a long time. "
-Hearing - impaired illustrator Xu Fangwei 

"Though I couldn't hear , I was still deeply embroiled in the atmosphere and couldn't return for a long time."  
- XU, Fang-wei (Hearing Impaired Illustrator) 

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