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 2019|Taiwan Opera Center Small Performance Hall

man in woman's fur


and intertwined time and space

Falling like a rose

Mary and his lovers marching on lies and facing truth 


"Fur Mary" (fur のマリー) was written by the Japanese playwright Shuji Terayama; the story begins with a gay male disguised as a woman, Mary, raising an unrelated son, as if the budding petals are roughly peeled off layer by layer. As the story progresses, how will mother and son face each other in the end?  

2019 coincides with the 35th anniversary of Shuji Terayama's creation of "Fur Mary". At the beginning, Terayama asked the audience questions with sharp brushstrokes and distinctive characters. It was the first time that he translated and officially performed in Taiwan. Has the question been answered in the past 35 years?  

"Fur Mary"

La Marie-vision

Original: Terayama Shuji Chinese translation: Song Gallin, Xie Peirong 
Drama consultant: Fang Yu 
Director: Zhong Boyuan 
Producer: Ye Yuling 
Music Design: Chen Mingyi 
Lighting design: Guo Xinyi 
Costume Design: Yang Zixiang 
Graphic Design: Lynn Qi 
Promotional photography: Lin Zhengyi 
Performers: Zhong Boyuan, Zeng Pei, Liao Zhiqiang, Bao Yian, Zheng Yongyuan, Li Tingyi 

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