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 2014|The Courtyard Theatre

Sympathetic plan --

white, plain, virgin

Miss White

In the traditional Chinese folk tale "The Legend of the White Snake", Bai Suzhen is a powerful snake demon, but she falls in love with the human man Xu Xuan. She transformed into a human figure and married Xu Xuan to manage the family business for him, and gave birth to a child for him. But when Xu Xuan found out the true identity of the snake demon, he betrayed his wife, scolded her loudly as a monster, and colluded with the mage to come to exorcise the white snake and suppress the white snake under the tower; Bai Suzhen silently endured and waited until she experienced After four betrayals, I realized that I had already lost myself in love.
"White. white. Zhen" looks for the similarities and differences between Eastern and Western views on women from a love story, and rediscovers a woman's personal value in marriage, love and family. In the existing performance space, the audience can walk and watch the play and experience a different experience of watching the play.

Chinese folk legend shares a similar idea of "Yokai" in Japanese legend, where these creatures are spirits transformed from animals or plants, usually primitive, ugly and weird. In one of the most known Chinese folk legend, "Legend of the White Snake" , Miss White is a Yokai transformed from a snake, but fall in love with a human Xu Xian. She turns into human form to marry him, and gives birth to his child. Xu Xian, however, after realizing her true identity, betrays her . In addition, he colludes a monk, who eventually sealed Miss White under a Pagoda. During the process, Miss White endures and waits. Not until four betrays when she finally realizes that she has lost herself in love.

Li Chengye


One after another, audience members wearing bras followed the actors to the performance space on the fourth floor. In a scene full of bras, Bai Suzhen was in pain all her life, and through the years and the red bits of sanitary napkins, she told the audience the helplessness and pain of the female part.

Yang Meiying


It is full of sensuality and desire (sexual desire/life desire), which are related and different. Formally, the space of the entire building is fully utilized, and the consciousness of lust and desire is flowed through different creative strategies.

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