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"Scorched Earth"

 2016|Tokyo Art Theater, B Warehouse of Taipei Tangshu Cultural Park


"Scorched Earth" is a Taiwan-Japan transnational creative project. In 2015, Xiao Theater was invited to participate in the Asian Performing Arts Festival. Director Zhong Boyuan came up with the idea of "a hail of bullets", with the atomic bombing in Japan during World War II as the background, with "scorched earth" as the theme, and the In 2016, he was invited by the Asian Performing Arts Festival again to develop last year's concept creation into a complete work.
Set in the background after the atomic bombing in Japan, it describes an unknown village full of scorched earth, and the thirsty villagers keep praying to the sky for rain, expecting the rain to fall. In the process of waiting for the rain for a long time, through the pulling and suppression of the relationship between the characters, the dark side of human nature that is hidden in the depths is slowly revealed. "Scorched Earth" is not only based on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 71 years ago, but also a reflection on one's own situation from growing up in Taiwan in a peaceful era.

「Purgatory」is the transnational creative project between Taiwan and Japan, supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Taipei City Cultural Affairs Bureau, and premiered in 2016 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Festival 2016. The story is based on the atomic bombing of World War II in Japan, extending to the international contemporary community's unease about terrorism and war. Director Po Yuan Chung , adapts the concept of karma from Buddhist Zen, and combines it with the Japanese folk story "Monkey Crab Combat" to discuss the relationship between perpetrator and victim .Looking at the relationship of contemporary international political and social issues via the history of war.

Yu Shanlu

drama critic

If there are other troupes dealing with such a theme, it is usually the translation or adaptation of foreign scripts. Xiao Theater is led by Zhong Boyuan, the core director of the troupe, who insists on caring all the way... Created with the theme of "scorched earth", thinking from it The far-reaching impact of war on people, from the damage, deformation and alienation of the outer body to the inner heart, brings a little extravagant desire for peace. Under its artistic transformation approach, it usually attaches an allegorical narrative to make the content more universal; it also includes reflections on contemporary social issues in Taiwan, and proposes an interpretation and interpretation of local reading. Rumination.

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