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"The Sound of the Tide"

The Whisper of the Wave

 2020|Humei Theater, Huashan Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Industry Park

The sorceress of the tide summons the dead,

Through her mouth to murmur the voice of the dead,

Cursing each other 's prematurely dead partners,

cat lover,

A man who is friends with potted plants...
the tide comes and goes,

Floating they try to anchor their lives,
Wandering between bliss and hell

In 2018, Director Bo Yuan borrowed the National Art Association's "Overseas Art Tour Program" to go to Mount Osore, one of the three major spiritual sites in Japan, where it resembles the volcanic terrain of Beitou's geothermal valley, where stone towers are stacked to hang the dead, and the spinning keeps turning. The windmill swirls with the wind to think; the local Itako in Hachinohe City, Japan, must be a blind woman. She conveys the message of life and death through her mouth. When life dies, the living can pass on their thoughts.


The sound of the coming tide is the sound of the approaching tides,

It is a whispered whisper wandering between life and death, and it is also a cleansing tide.

Script writing/director︱

Zhong Boyuan's script translation︱

Body Design/Performance by Aoi Tsumura︱

my wife Emiko

(Emiko Agatsuma)
Performances︱Zeng Pei, Liao Zhiqiang, Zheng Yongyuan

Li Tingyi, Chen Jiayi, Tu Jiayuan

Producer︱Yeling Ye Stage Supervisor︱Chen Qiling Music Design︱Chen Mingyi Lighting Design︱Dai Cairu Costume Design︱Li Yichen Audio Technology︱Wu Anglin Graphic Design︱Liu Yulu Graphic Photography

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