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About Art Village

Xiao Theater Art Village is one of the few art villages in Taiwan with performing arts groups as its core business. The team invites artists from different fields at home and abroad to settle in Wanzuo Xiao Theater (formerly known as Taiwan Sugar Warehouse), a city-designated historic site.

Among the buildings with rich historical memory, create a field where artists, the environment and the public can talk and interact.

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Introduction to Art Village

Xiao Theater has been stationed in Wanhua for a long time to create, and through in-depth field research, the inner energy of the works is full. Since the Mengka International Dance Festival was held in 2019, dozens of creators have been attracted to perform their unique dance works all over the Wanhua region, bringing abundant artistic and cultural energy to the local area. The team hopes to provide a more open and free space through the establishment of an art village, so that artists can have more diverse dialogues with residents and create infinite possibilities.


Xiao Theater Art Village was officially established in 2020, attracting artists from different fields at home and abroad by providing accommodation and creative space. During the residency in the village, the artist will be arranged to have the opportunity to contact with the local residents and other art and literature workers.

team introduction

Established in 2006, Xiao Theater has been selected as the award-winning team of the Ministry of Culture and the Outstanding Performing Arts Team of the Taipei City Cultural Bureau for many times.

The themes of the works revolve around local issues and literary theater, and have extensive experience in international tours. The works have been performed abroad many times, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Japan, the United Kingdom, etc.


In 2020, we will officially take over the warehouse of B warehouse in Taipei Tangshu Cultural Park. Based on the past experience in local cultivation and international exchanges, Xiao Theater operates the "Xiao Theater Art Village" with an art residency plan to connect with international organizations and teams. It is hoped that the Art Village can become an art incubation base in Wanhua area that is in line with international standards.

Artistic Director

The artistic director is the founder of Xiao Theater, and currently serves as the director-in-residence of Xiao Theater, Zhong Boyuan. Graduated from the Department of Drama, Taipei University of the Arts, majoring in directing. Xiao Theater was established in 2006, and has created nearly 30 original works so far. The themes of creation revolve around literary theater and social issues. And published "dirty heaven", "underground woman" and other script collections.

Since 2019, he has served as the curator of the Mengka International Dance Festival, introducing many experimental dance works to local performances, bringing rich artistic and cultural energy to the local community. At the same time, he was elected as the director of Taiwan Arts and Culture Space Connection in 2021, connecting the domestic arts and culture space management team through the organization.


Contact Us

Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801

Tel: +886-2-2308-3398


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