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She attends Waseda University. After graduating from university in 1999, she joined Japan's largest dance group: Big Camel Ship.

She participated in all the productions of the Intermediate Dance Company from 1999 to 2019, all directed by the team's artistic director, Mo Chier.

She released her work "Niku-no-uta" in 2014 and was invited to perform in Paris, France the following year.

In addition, she was awarded the Best Young Artist of the Japan Dance Critics Association.

She has held workshops at Waseda University, Taipei University of the Arts, Tainan University of the Arts and other schools, and has also provided professional courses for performers in Taiwan and Japan.

In 2020, he was selected as the artist-in-residence of the Taipei International Art Village. The work "Temple of the Future" created during the period was invited to participate in the production of the American Art Festival: Battery Dance Festival in the same year.

At the same time, she is also the choreographer and performer of Xiao Theater's annual production: "The Voice of the Tide".

my wife Emiko

My wife Emiko is a dance dancer, choreographer and artistic director. She is also the Artistic Director of Agaxart, performing dancers and artists in Japan. Based on her personal buta aesthetics, she began to produce original buta works. She has international recognition.

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