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2013-2015 University of the Arts London - Central Saint Martins, MFA - Performance Design and Implementation

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_       (Master of Arts- Performance design and practice)

2012-2013 National Taipei University of the Arts Dance Institute Performance Creation Group - majoring in Dance Performance (傄)

2005-2010 Department of Drama, National Taipei University of the Arts ─ majoring in directing


2021 Xiao Theater Mengjia International Dance Festival "Leap" Leap - Staged Presentation of Dance Video Short Film "No Name" - Creation/Performance

2020 Xu Fangyi Biographical Film "My Heart and My Way" - Dancer

2018 Taipei Art Village, Resident Danish Artists Simone Wierød & Tim Panduro - Experimental Dance Video Installation and Live Performance "Interweaving" - Dancers

2017 Rhapsody Theater "After Dark" - Co-creation (Script Collaboration / Action Director / Actor)

2015 Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London - Graduation Performance - "Karma-1 Industry" - Choreography / Dancer / Lighting / Projection / Sound Design

Program content

"No Name" (hereinafter referred to as this project), based on the historical and cultural background of the entire Huajiang house, penetrates into its architectural space, re-understands and discovers with "body" and "lens", and creates a new space for this space. story. Different from using new technologies to reconstruct and beautify the appearance of the old Taipei community, this work focuses more on presenting the real appearance of the entire Huajiang residence in the current social environment after about half a century of generational change and demographic transformation. Whether it is a building space that has undergone multiple renovations and repairs with changing residential needs, or the different age and cultural background structures of the resident population, they will all be brought together to develop "performing bodies" and "creating characters". The unique angle is used in the image to present its original, real, and generally difficult to find beauty.


"Anonymous" originated from the live performance work "The Passing" in 2020. In response to the changes in the social environment in the past two years, the live performance has faced relatively more restrictions, and turned to "video short film" as the starting point of the creative form. It is expected to complete a video clip of about 20-25 minutes first, and then rethink and experiment with different presentation forms along with the creative development process.

Contact Us

Address: No. 132-9, Dali Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City 10801

Tel: +886-2-2308-3398


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