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Xu Chengwei

The founder of "Xu Chengwei Production Dance Troupe", the body language of returning to the truth and being rude, and accommodating softness and rigidity is the essence of Xu Chengwei's production dance troupe. The members of the "Gu Ming Shen Dance Troupe" have taught improvisation and improvisation dance for many years, and even performed improvisation dance performances. Currently, he is also a lecturer at Huashan Academy of Peking Art University and a lecturer in modern dance at the Department of Dance at Taipei City University.


In 2016, he graduated from the Institute of Dance, National Taipei University of the Arts.

In 2011, he graduated from the National Taipei University of the Arts Department of Dance with a seven-year system.


In 2021, he was selected to create the work "Dead Line" in [Kaohsiung Spring Art Festival Small Theater Series].

In 2021, the work "Kidult" will be premiered at the National Experimental Theater of the Two Halls.

In 2018, "Ritual" was invited to perform selected pas de deux excerpts from Taipei [Encounter Dance Festival] and Macau [Contemporary Dance Exhibition and Exchange Platform].

In 2017, "Rite" was selected as the "HOTPOT East Asian Dance Platform" at the Hong Kong Urban Contemporary Dance Festival.

In 2016, "Rituals" [Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Taiwan Season] and [NEUNOW Art Festival in the Netherlands].

In 2015, "Ritual" was selected as the "Thirty Salon Theater Station Project", and performed at the "Beijing Dance Fortnight" and the "Hawaii Dance Festival".

2015 "Rites" "Shi'an Cultural and Educational Foundation-Shi'an Aesthetics Award".

Program content

Choreographer Xu Chengwei has a strong interest in topics such as death and ritual because of his family's funeral background, and has inspiration and connections from ordinary people. There are various attitudes of existence, and I hope to share and communicate with the audience through creation. Faced with these issues, perhaps I don’t know how to face them or how to solve them. However, in Cheng Wei’s creative works, these kinds of issues are often used to arouse everyone’s awareness and attention through the stories of the works, and trigger the audience to change their minds. A lot of thinking and choices lead to resonance and fermentation on the topic.


The work "Shangzao" Cheng Wei will connect the good and evil in human life with the ritual of sending off and inviting the gods. It is said that the December 24th of the lunar calendar is the annual sending-off day. People must follow the time and time of sending off the gods. The ceremony invites the Kitchen God back to the heaven, but it is necessary to prepare to send the gods seven treasures: gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, pearls, agate, to pray for peace and future in the coming year, and on the fourth day of the first lunar month, people must also follow Customs and rituals cautiously welcome the gods back, continue to monitor the world, and report good and evil.


This time, Cheng Wei will start from the creative quality of Qibao as a dance, integrate various traditional sacrificial rituals into the choreography and movements, combine sacrificial rituals and people's beliefs, and discuss and think about everything in life with the people. Is it controlled by God? This time, Xiao Theater's village-based recruitment plan is based on alienation. After the severe outbreak of the epidemic, people were separated geographically, culturally and psychologically, and a sense of anxiety and panic appeared. Through the work "Shangzhuo", it proposes beliefs about people's hearts, hoping to stabilize the power in people's hearts, re-examine themselves and lead people to understand traditional ritual culture, triggering people's multiple thinking about life and culture.

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